The intensity

john | June 29, 2021, 9:25 p.m.

Every day, as it gets closer, I feel the weight increasing.  It's an odd feeling, my mind races to find things to worry about.  Simply as a distraction.

It's been a very intense journey this one here.  I could write a book on this, but it wouldn't matter.  The book would simply be another clump of words stitched together, static historical facts.  No one cares for the story, it's the journey that matters.

Drama aside, this is a weird moment.  I'm unsure how it's going to play out, how could I.  I've never been a court jester.  Even they only know that you do not want to tempt fate.

But at times, it must be done.  I'm nervous.  But what is life without a little nerves?  Progress seems to require everything be put on the line.

It's odd, even if I lose, I hope I win.

It reminds me of watching the start of a final four college basketball game.  One where the winner will not win because he outplayed the other, but simply because the other ran out of time.

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