Getting the groove

john | Aug. 30, 2020, 4:56 a.m.

It was said that Frank Sinatra's songs was like hearing a four minute movie.  I guess that's what I strive for when I write this, difficult as it may be to believe.  Not for you, for me. 

I mean after all, art, how ever you define it, is an infinite pursuit.  There is a certain beauty to the brokenness of it all.  It's relaxing.  A grin forms as I write that.

There is a struggle going, I can feel it.  Even as I write this I know it is futile to attempt.  The exhale from the sign runs down my body to my hands, it felt cold.  It's as if I have to discover. what I don't know. 

The emptiness, feels not so empty.  It's smooth, but has no depth.  Soft and comfortable.  Maybe even a bit warm. 

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