Many failed titles later

john | Sept. 8, 2020, 6:50 a.m.

You get this.  It's not great.  I've been trying in vain to write to you.  Some things start and feel great, but as the letters get written they feel heavier an heaver.  Then to oblivion it goes.  I feel trapped by the song that plays in the background.  It overwhelms me with emotion. 

I feel compelled to write, but the struggle to not is it not giving up.  It's tenacious, even as I try to break through it, it mutates.  The knack has been growing.  It feels so different now, almost in a sense slower, even though time now feels as if it moves quicker.

It's just so smooth, then it hooks you.  You think it is something understandable, so you pay attention.  The story gets tragic.  The poetry of it is conveyed by the crackling voice as it culminates in the most touching line.

The first time it was said with sadness.

There will come a moment where this song will be not heard on repeat.  Although today may not be that day.  The feeling is to great.

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