December 26th, 2021

john | Dec. 26, 2021, 8:42 p.m.

Although perhaps wicked, I don't feel it that way anymore.  I feel it as necessary. To remind, or to center, better yet.  I'm floating in a sense over what I will describe as a bubble of a unknown feeling.

I'm exploring it in a sense.  It feels firm.  I want to crack it a bit.  See the foundation.  Put in some reinforcements.  Why not.

It's spreading like the universe.  Ever expanding, and accelerating.  Woah.

It's funny.  I'm unsure if it's fear, or not understanding.  That feeling that comes specifically when it is a moment of that though.  Where it is hard to interpret which of the two is.  I guess finally became aware of it.

Seems generally it's best to risk it. 

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