This cup of coffee

john | March 29, 2022, 9:10 p.m.

I'm looking at it.  I'm starting to feel the existence of it.  The cup of coffee.  I ponder the finality of it all.  Then I get interrupted by my friend.  He was asking how I was going.  I held back the tears, as my dog started barking.  Not that type of bark you think comes from a male dog.  The type of bark that only comes from a dog who is mid ball drop.  Like a pig getting strangled.

None of us laugh.  Instead everyone looks at me in horror as if I'm the one strangling the animal.

Everyone always is so judgmental at first, pulling out concealed weapons like spoons and dull point butter knifes: then this girl talks to me about my dog; which tangents into the the fact that I missed out on making tiktok after vine disappeared.   Of course I disregard the clear opening before it was musically.

Either way, the coffee.  It's been drank a bit since the moment of its full existence.  In that time I learned a new way to talk about record books.  Saying the word is far too direct.  For example this guy was talking about his manhood.  I told him that literally means penis, at least according to Webster, you dirty rat.  He continued on about as long as it was when I reminded him he needed to put on his pants.  For hours.  Then once he stopped boasting.  I was able to continue looking at the coffee. 

It's more drank this time.  It shakes now in anticipation of death I suppose, not because my leg is shaking while writing this.  As if I'm nervous of living.  Must shake away the nerves they have.  There he goes again, squealing like a pig.


I drank it, and had a moment.  Ah yes, now I remember.  My last laptop walked out of my room on it's own.  That was odd.

This darn cup of coffee is actually starting to get a bit lukewarm.  I've been ranting about life instead of philosophy.  Why do I even care that its spelt right.  The human brain is able to decipher enough of my letter explosions in form of tightly knit words formed into long and expansive sentences.

Or not, the nervousness its chasing me around this damned burning inferno.  There are some rather odd looking characters around.  Let me sip the coffee, that should calm me down.

Ah, lukewarm.  Just what no one ordered.  The doctor came in and in fact was trying to make a study, no where in that study did the doctor actually say anything about the temperature.  If newton had not invented the law of cooling we would not have this problem.  It would of stayed hot for ever.  I hate everything about the fact that the world was completely as it should of been until those idiots invented math.

So this coffee was sitting in a bar.  It had taken the shape of a kangaroo, jacked.  A post sac kangaroo though, it had evolved into coffee.  Then a broad walks in.  She takes off all the wood she's wearing.  Starts talking up the coffeeroo.  Yeah, go look that made up word yourself stupid auto-correct.

As the coffee is yawning at the blunt moves by the broad, it loses its train of thought because this time it almost sounded like it wasn't a pig.  He made the noise you would when one of your testicles looks at itself in the mirror and says "Today is the day I'm going to talk down on the other nut"

I've noticed one hangs lower.  Nature is odd, but at least that explains the imbalance in being a women: I write that crookedly.  They probably got leveled internal organs, their mistake.  They need unbalanced floating sacs.  I've actually never taken into consideration if most men's sac hang the same way.  Like what testicle hangs lower for most men or does the same hang lowest for all men?  That can't be right.  Not all men, some men have lost a testicle or too.  By choice, or by an ex.  So I guess most men.

This should be called the testicle diaries, but in fact we just talked about nuts.  Peanuts are a wonderfully nutritious thing.  The same can't be said for coffee, it's a bean.  Roasted.  Take that coffee, and your lukewarmness.

So yes, drink your coffee.  There are only so many left, before coffee becomes extinct and people say the same thing of bananas.  I wish I had taken more.

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