Bleeding edge technology

john | Oct. 11, 2022, 6:53 p.m.

I was trying to think of how technology has been advancing since the advent of computers.  I guess I was trying to think of why bleeding was in there.  Then it clicked.  It causes pain.  It's so new, the shock alone makes people squeamish.

Granted I still don't know how that got in there, unless you take it even more literal, a bleeding edge of a knife.  A fresh wound.  Of course it is talking about the victor, not the one with the flesh wound.

Guess just more tidbits about how the victor is the one who writes the history, bleeding edge.  I could see how that would be propagated through the world as well.  Some one walking up with something that is bleeding edge, will most likely not cause much room doubt about the effectiveness of the bleeding edge.

Could you imagine that conversation;

"Hello sir, I see you have something new there" says the shocked merchant.

"Yes, I call it bleeding edge technology" says the man wielding the blade dripping of blood.

"I don't doubt you at all kind fellow, I will make sure to heed to the locals of this bleeding edge technology you speak of.  I will make sure they understand, I saw it with my own eyes."

Then shortly after, as the merchant is walking the streets telling the locals of this, he sees a man slumped on the side of a building.  The man is holding what appears to be his guts as he waits for help to arrive.

The merchant tells the man "My goodness, it appears as if you have a pretty severe gash across your abdomen good sir."

The man, looks up at him and says "Yes, I had never seen something so new"

And so it began, bleeding edge technology.

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