Why did I read this for so long

john | April 5, 2021, 9:53 p.m.

Not to say I'm any smarter, but holy crap.  The fact of the blatant ignorance is just so profound.  For some reason I at times actually gave credence to this forum.  I for some reason took every opinion at face value. 

I guess that is in fact the beauty of the forum.  But what I had failed to apply, was critical thought to the actual discussions.  The habit maybe actually have just broken.  I feel the void.  What to fill it.  Perhaps something productive.

It's a beautiful day, maybe I'll go for a run.  I suppose no one ever gets back from their run and says "man I regret that".  It's the one that's don't make it back that we never hear from.  They probably do regret going for their run, c'est la vie.

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