What a day

john | May 1, 2022, 3:50 a.m.

I finally went for a fucking run.  There is no replacement for a run, which is why I have to emphasize it with fuck.  What a run it was.  Just ran and ran.  Till I couldn't.  Then I walked.

After a bit I started running again.  Then I went till I couldn't.  Then I walked.  Then I ran again.  Made it home sprinted a little at the end.  Although the end was a walk.  It was glorious.  There is no replacement for running.  Humans have been running as long as they have existed.  Even kids run.  There is a book titled born to run.  Good book, but I think the thesis of the book is summarized nicely in its title.

There are other things that feel great.  Most things do when you become decent at them.  Yet, running you don't have to be decent to feel great.  For it to feel great during the run.  Like most things, it takes time.  But for you to feel great after a run, well that happens after the first one.  Because you're never more happy than to be done running other than when you have been running.

Weird, I know.  It makes sense only like religion, where you get the reward after the act.  Thankfully the reality is that the act is all the reward you ever really need.  The rest, at best is icing on the cake.

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