SEO is dead

john | April 16, 2022, 7:59 p.m.

The internet has now existed for longer than a ever growing population has been alive.  There is already so much content out there and even more data on the searches.  I think last I saw there was about 15% new searches a day.  Might be less.

Honestly, that sort of makes sense.  The library of Alexandria was just that.  I'm not saying some one wont discover a new way to display information.  But the simple fact that at this point the only things that need to move in rankings every once in a while are things that get a bit more credence later in time.

So SEO is dead.  It works for new products, but at some point the algorithms know enough to adjust accordingly.  Sure they try out new tweaks here and there.  But I do think that most the search engine game is solved and requires so many data points that there isn't much need to improve on it either way.

I read recently that DuckDuckGo started de indexing some sites they seem to be deeming legal threats? I honestly can't seem to figure it out.  Doesn't much matter though.  It all will work itself out.  At times it might take a bit longer.  In the end I'm an optimist since time and time again, over time, history has shown slivers of progress. Just enough for hope.

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