Waking up to Hacker News

john | May 7, 2023, 5:36 p.m.

Recently since the AI wave started to hit, I've probably gotten back on a decent addiction level of checking HackerNews (HN).  There have been some pretty cool things to come out of just watching what people post.

But occasionally, I am dumbfounded by what happens.  It happened to be a Saturday morning, and as I awoke from my slumber I did what any addict would do.  I got my dose.  Then I saw this

Someone had posted an open source project I had finally made version 0.2 of.  And it went to #3.

Honestly, before I even got to the end of the title I thought "Damn, nice, some one else open sourced an AI video remover too".  Then of course surprised when it was my own project.  So I loaded HN again and took a screen shot.

There is already a blog post on that project and its creation, so I am not going to digress into that.  Instead I am going to dig a bit into the HN effect the day after.

Here are the Github stats on traffic, mind you the flat line you see before is about 300 views a day, so the project had already been out for a couple years;

Then a further breakdown of where they came from and where they went;

Of course, I was blown away all day and let the community know, and per usual HN, it started with topics I had no idea about, on my own project.


And of course me not even knowing what they mean by binary,

And getting educated in the comments

In the end, amazing.  Almost as amazing as the poster who sent me higher than I had ever felt over a project I had ever been

So thank you HN and thunderbong; I hope open source keeps on opensourcing.

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