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john | April 19, 2023, 7:51 p.m. Uncategorized

The project starts like would most projects.  By procrastination.  This one around two years ago, according to a GitHub commit I have on the private repo.  It's been the mother of all projects.  The one that is going to finally come to life.  The one I realistically should of started at least two years ago, if not even earlier. 

I did not though.  Instead, I spent my time doing other things, in some cases, nothing.  The perfect recipe for a project.  The nothing part that is.

The amount of time that was spent thinking of this project, could not even be enumerated.  Not because it was anything difficult, it is, but because it is something that I have to do.  Like using spell check, an absolute requirement for you to not throw your keyboard through your monitor.  Regardless, that act would be futile, as it would still not reach me.  Thankfully spellcheck did though.

Digression aside, the amount of time I spent thinking of this project is enough to keep thinking about it.  In reality this project is like no other project I have ever launched before, it is a project so worthy of mention, that I wont mention it.  Instead, I will quietly launch it as would some one trying to do something quietly. 

Instead I will write of the relief I have knowing that the years I spent procrastinating on this, actually paid off.  In fact, the project was procrastinated because it would of taken away time from doing other things, but because it would of taken so long to do. 

So this great project of mine, the one that I needed to do, and would of taken me years to do.  Because of advancements in technology, allows me to do it in days.  Not years.

Of course, you might wonder, why would I write this long winded post explaining the project to simply not even say anything about it.  It is because it is a tribute, to one of the greatest projects I will ever do.  That's actually just a reference to a song, that's also a tribute to the greatest song.

Since I am unsure where this project will rank on the projects I have done.  It might be as eventful as this blog, harmless in all the right ways.  Unlike the left ways, those are a tad too far right, 180 degrees farther right than the right, so much so it becomes a left.

Anyways, I sigh in relief as what had to be written was.  Let's hope for left's sake, its right this time.  Oh and, the gnome.  Yeah that causes the server to crash when there is no monitor.  Don't install it.

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