Sometimes calamity is unavoidable

john | March 22, 2021, 9:50 p.m.

Simply because the series of events that occurred prior to the calamity are by and large preventable, but during this process of events, due to perhaps lack of foresight, or further more stupidity, you are left in a position where it becomes inevitable.

How you handle the event is what makes you as a person.  At times, it's tragic how you have nothing to grab onto.  You can only make a split decision, in a sense to further avoid more disaster, although it all seems catastrophic in both regards. 

Maybe it's the background noise, the one that hums in silence that gives you that tingling feeling.  The opera of life.  It's complimented by the beats of the heart.  They pulse to the steady rhythm that is you.

But as the melody changes you are quick to forget what the past has brought.  It must be human nature, or perhaps just mine, to think of not the greatness, but the failure.  Since spectacular failure is just as entrancing as monumental victory.

It beats again, your heart that is. 

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