One shot

john | March 20, 2021, 6:21 a.m.

That's it.  All that's left.

It's not that it's hard, it's just putting the quarters in the laundry machine.  Yet it seems impossible at times.  Have to fidget with the coin, maybe see if you even got the right one.  Try and figure out how many quarter slots are in the machine, because it's not well labeled.  Notice there is only one washing machine in the joint, but four dryers. 

You load it up.  You throw the soap in, basically because every time you forget to put the soap in first.  That doesn't seem to matter though since the clothes always comes out smelling fresh. 

But I'm certain the laundry people did their research and found that it probably does matter.  My brain doesn't seem to care, so it never remembers.

You contemplate what quality wash to wash your clothes before you push these quarters in.  No reason really, since just like the soap position, I'm sure it matters yet my brain says, meh.

Warm seems fine, because it's less hot than hot, but colder than cold.  At least it's not lukewarm.

You push it in.

It comes back with all the quarters.  You're a space cadet, it requires one more.

You left it in the room.

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