Something I can not understand, but can listen too

john | May 20, 2020, 1:32 a.m.

That feeling where the top right hemisphere of your brain makes its self know.  It is has only happened twice, the first was I realized that I understood Vietnamese but did know what the words meant.  I could distinguish, and transcribe what I heard, but knew not the definitions of the words I was transcribing.  It still happens when I turn on Vietnamese news. 

The second, is when I found that rage can be a interesting driving force.  Especially if you are able to take the energy it produces it and instead turn it into a form of expression.  Most people do this anyways, they just don't realize it.  For example when you start getting mad, your blood boils, you want to take action.  Revenge is generally the word that comes to mind.  An eye for an eye.  You want the person or thing to feel what you felt. 

Funny enough, from my understand most things don't feel.  This is something that the brain realizes, so it turns something that if was done by say a thing such as a falling rock, into an accident or a misfortune.  No harm, no foul, or in the wise words of the old, forgive and forget.  But the mind makes a different association if it's a person.  It either says grim and bare it, or act. 

So I guess the trick must be some how to trick the mind to use that feeling into something that also gives you pleasure, so you welcome a feeling you once where disgusted by.  Because the best cure for an addiction, is another.

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