Being human

john | May 18, 2020, 3:40 a.m.

This humanity thing is rather complex huh.  Logic goes out the window often, it thinks that reality is better than if it was to go out the door.  It might just in fact be.  Books have written over that exact topic.  Not that they where any good.

Who am I to judge though, I've never written a book.  Maybe one day I will, or maybe it will be a collection of thoughts organized by a index with random banter in between.  Not that any of you would care, these pesky bots come here, and decided what is important. 

Like most of life, decided by algorithms.  Pesky algorithms, I have a variable to take up with them, throw them for a loop.  I know, it's witty, you're rolling your eyes, that is if you're still reading.  Might of lost you as I digressed talking about something.

Not that any of this has any meaning or purpose.  In fact it's probably one of the many ways you enjoy wasting time, although I guess you could be struggling with this as well.  Very masochistic of you.  It's fine, just hurry along, no one will notice.  If they do they probably wont actually say that they saw, it's rather plane looking, this text anyways. 

Not like some of the passionate emails that I've written.  They sizzle with passion, but die on delivery, rather futile.  Wasted space in the short term memory that will be lost by the time the moment passes.  Unless you nap instantly after reading this, in which case there is a good chance it will go into long term memory.  I wouldn't necessary suggest you do that though, like most everything useless in life, it will show up at the most inopportune time, like when asking a question.

"Sir, the plane is boarding"


"I said, 'Sir, the plane is boarding'"

"Oh, pardon my absent mindless I was ruminating over this blog post I read on a random crappy internet blog about nothingness, I'll make sure to punish it thoroughly with actual knowledge"

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