September 27th, 2022

john | Sept. 28, 2022, 5:25 a.m.

My mood is somber.  I stared blankly at this screen for a moment.   I realized there was in a sense, priorities.  Some things could wait, or may in fact not actually be necessary.

It feels so weird knowing that life is the same as has been written in books for eons.  Yet a good book can last a century, a lifetime, or in some sense as long as the printing press has been around.

Then again there are begrudging moments in history that despite their best effort let progress eek through.  There is something hanging over me though, and not the fan, that's firmly moving in place.  I guess the same could be said for me.

It really is, a mystery.  It's wild how life has turned out this way.  The complications come and go.  Some where never complicated to begin with.  Then again that can be said for most things, especially when you know how to solve them.

Like words.  It is not the vocabulary that gets the point across, but the point that gets itself across.  Sometimes dragging, other times screaming.  We don't talk of the times the point was erased though, as they never happened.

Those are the best.  The moments that happened, but didn't.  You could call them an alternate universe.  That wouldn't be right though, that would be a bit more left.  Although, perhaps it might be a bit centered.  Granted the coordinate system is just as arbitrary as the location of the man who invented it.

I guess it could of been a women, but since men won most the wars, I feel they wrote the history.  They where the ones who bludgeoned the men with the pens.  Although, it is barbaric to think a man could be so harsh as to do that to a man with a pen.  A pencil on the other hand.

Why a pencil could be used to erase the beard that overtook the man.  That could be too burly for some though.

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