November 19th, 2021

john | Nov. 19, 2021, 3:40 p.m.

Today is trip time.  Going out with a few friends for a week.  This should be fun.  Bringing the dog of course.  He has no option, I mean I guess he does.  That's irrelevant though, since his choice is to come with me. 

I think he took that choice willing.  Although my dog translator app isn't working well.  I'm still stuck on the freaking dumb website I started migrating earlier.  I have 9 more after this one is done.  And believe me when I say it's almost done.  The whole damn thing works.  Is live, but the API. 

Curse you API.

It's not even hard to do, I think I should hopefully finish it today.  So I can finally move slowly and surely to the others.  I realized that one of the biggest one, that isn't migrated at the moment, doesn't actually process payments.


Other than that I think I'm doing alright, been working out and running.  It's been hard some days to just motivate to go for a run.  It's funny when I was in my mid twenties it was not the hardest thing to convince myself to go for a run.  Recently though, it's been rough.

The past couple weeks have been extremely hard to motivate to do it though.  Regardless, I was able to actually manage to squeeze in the runs.  I think it has to do with how out of running shape I was.

My body knew, it was just going to be a horrible experience.   Thankfully yesterday I finally broke the 4km barrier.  Made it 28 minutes.  Considering the most I've been able to run the past few weeks was max 18 minutes. 


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