April 9th, 2024

john | April 10, 2024, 9:05 a.m. The Run

The high of the day wore off.  High on life I guess.  Only did a fifteen minute run today.  Binary though, I did it.  All I needed to do.

Things in life at times seem that simple, do them or do not.  Although I must say, by this time you think you'd have the basics figured out.  Some of us learn slow. 

I've been slowly starting to get out of the rut.  Coding a bit here and there, finally got past the hard but simple problem that had me stuck for a bit.  Had me frozen in the stasis that is life.

Wasn't the problem I thought I was going to be having.  Never is, but slowly getting better at just handling them.  Feels nice.  But sometimes that run just seems to get the better of me. 

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