October 31st, 2021

john | Nov. 1, 2021, 3:22 a.m.

Today was an amusing day.  Was a nice family day, after that hung out.  The dogs are really enjoying the dog park now.

I enjoy calling them dirty dogs. 

I don't even know why, just feels so, formal. 

I've started to care less in some things, and find humor in others.  I've also been still in a sort of stasis in some aspects.  I know why of course.  Although, as the time has gone by it feels a bit closer.

My sister while explaining to me her thought process, helped me understand something that I think I was missing for a while.

It doesn't necessarily make the situation easier, but it might.  It feels like it will.  So simple in hindsight.

But it goes back to the Tony Bennett motto I suppose, are you having any fun? Make others have some fun with you.  Might just work.

I'm starting to really enjoy this ride we call life.  I don't even know why.  Maybe it's the puppies.  Maybe it's just life.  As if the shackles that where holding down the joy for so long are slowly starting to come undone.

As always I don't know how long it will last, but I'm always optimistic.  Well not always I guess, there are moments, where perhaps I feel defeated.  Yet I keep trying.  Not even sure why, what else is to live. But if not in the face of failure, finding a way.

As I once read, perhaps in the jaws of defeat, that is where you find victory.

Life, that word.  Just like living.  It's so meta.  I actually feel rather bemused by the fact that one of the largest social networks changed it's name to that. 

It sort of disgusts me in a sense.  Not sure why. 

Feel it's not a proper use of the word.  Makes me a bit saddened that it will in a sense be how it is now, meta.

Although, I'm once again not too worried.  Why would I be.  It's life, and with out living, you are no in fact alive.  The very question is not what life is I suppose, or what living is.  More so, how are you living, if you aren't exploring all that life has to offer.

The next social network, life.

It's only the next logical step.  Just requires a bit of living.

To be comfortable, you really must learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  Since it is one of the many aspects of life.  Although I feel if you can manage that one, the rest probably come a bit easier.

It's funny, cause I'm having some fun. Are you?

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