November 8th

john | Nov. 8, 2022, 6:07 a.m.

The night is beautiful.  Clear with scattered clouds.  I'm feeling rather happy.  Nothing but progress to report.  Been able to do some things I never thought would be done, like maintenance  on some websites.

Going to upgrade a few later see how they do.  Had some customers here and there that where a bit upset with some of the text to image recognition, probably because they where trying a document not in the language.

Guess I have to fix that.

I will get to it.  There has been this cool new feeling, or providence I guess.  Like take for example this machine learning stuff.  I finally cracked open that linear algebra book.  I mean why not. 

Some of the things that had to be updated where tedious to say the least.  But they are delightfully finished each, and in a sense gives you a longing feeling to fix a few other things.  Which I probably will.

I take a deep breath, for no reason other than to relax and exhale it quickly.  As I crack a grin.

There really is not much that could take away from the grin, other than the sadness I get when I think that the dog is currently pooping more often than not.  Childish I know. 

Either way, the feeling that I get overwhelms me as I write this.  It is soothing to say the least.  As if I had done the writing I needed to a long time ago.  Now the writing I do is to you.

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