November 30th, 2021

john | Nov. 30, 2021, 5:45 p.m.

You can have one life.  I'm unsure what life you chose.  The one I chose, I didn't think would turn out this way.  Although I guess we each have a bit of fun with our lives.  Some of us decided to make the fun out of what we got.  Others are thrown into the fun.  Occasionally, the fun comes to you.

It's rather amusing.  It's this weird place you sit in.  You do absolutely nothing, but just float.  Simply a human walking on the planet.  The time is irrelevant, since it's just the planet.

Although, the spacetime exists.  It's an amusing concept.  I still have to finish the lectures.  Been learning to draw instead.  Seems just about as useful.  One will help mold the thinking of this man.  That's what a book does.  It shapes.  It enlightens, and best of all.  It's not connected to the internet.

Slowly, reaching the point I probably should of a long time ago.  But I'm slow, always takes me a bit to get it.

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