November 23rd, 2021

john | Nov. 23, 2021, 6:50 p.m.

Caps lock, such a wonderful invention.  I mistype that key all the time.  I just feel like cussing right now, fuck.  There we go.  Seems like this will be just that.  Rather descriptive I feel.

Moving on, that was a rather dark moment per say.  It was full or rage and furry.  Not that it matters.  It's all rather useless.  There is no bad, that good doesn't come from.  My grandma use to say that.

I feel it's true, it has to be.  It's the simplest way to describe nature I guess.  Nature makes some gnarly things. This isn't a post about plants though.  There just cool.

This is me trying to just work through the feeling.  The one that will be over with soon enough.  Since time is relative of course.  So in theory if time passes fast enough because I'm having enough fun.  It will, of course be quick.

Perhaps that is what this does.  It makes the odd seem fun.  It can only be described that way.  The odd fun.  It's still fun.  Although a bit more taxing, than say normal fun.  I presume fun mutates, it must.  It must be mutable.  Mutable fun.  That's what it is I'm looking for I suppose.  Or maybe that's what fun is, mutable. 

Then again, maybe it's neither or both.  Maybe it's, just fun. 

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