May 24th, 2024

john | May 24, 2024, 7:27 p.m. The Run

The run today was what it was like to feel like being almost in shape.  It was marvelous.   Started off at 8kmh/5mph for about twenty minutes.  With only one or two second or two stops every about seven minutes.  Not sure if that was more due to random thoughts going through my head that made me kind of lose focus, or just needing blood to flow to my hands and didn't just extend them down.  Either way, once I hit minute twenty I upped it to 9kmph/6mph, and started to feel the cardio system doing its thing.  Felt nice.

Crazy to think hadn't been doing any exercise to now doing half an hour.  Just going, even if it was for two minutes before, and now this.  Feels great.  Also breathing now feels glorious, use to be really hard to just breath in and out of my nose, with some spouts of exhaling really hard through my nose to get the mucus out, but now the entire nasal cavity feels like a canyon of air can go through it with nothing blocking it.

Putting an oximeter on my finger now and breathing out of my nose shows a 98%.  Crazy.

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