The linear algebra rabbit hole has begun

john | Feb. 14, 2023, 7:22 p.m. Linear Algebra

It seems while migrating my blog this past afternoon when testing I was using the wrong backup.  So when I pushed it live a blog post was lost, either way, I have started going down the rabbit hole of linear algebra.

According to Prof. Gilbert Strang's, the following image is a pretty good explanation of linear algebra.

Now this is just the cover of the linear algebra book you can either buy, or if you want can rent for free at the internet archive here.

And here are the free lectures on YouTube.  Overall what I have started to read in the book I think it is very thorough.  Either way, I highly suggest you read it and check it out, for no other reason than to understand how the "AI" that is taking over the world works.

With the help of Wikipedia it makes learning it a lot easier, and who knows you might end up finally understanding what a Fourier Transformer is.  Or you could just keep reading my nonsense for the day.

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