January 22nd, 2022

john | Jan. 22, 2022, 10:42 p.m.

A lot of two's today.

As my sister would say, I can't even.  Granted, I can't odd.

I'm happy, in the infinite moment that is life.  This one is glorious.  I'm oxygenated today.  Went for a nice run.  Also did some calisthenics.  The word that I have to search how to spell, every time.

It feels nice to be able to lift yourself up, and put yourself down.

I normally squat before I do the calisthenics.  Helps rest of muscle grow quicker if you work your legs first.  Squats are tough.

The thing about squats though, is they suck.  At some point though, if you do the form correct.  Your body adjusts.  They are still tough, but they don't feel awkward.  In a sense, you start to feel the strength.

In the end, it's the feeling of oxygen though I think that does it.

It feels nice.

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