It's not worth me risking forgetting this conversation

john | March 1, 2021, 10:37 p.m.

So throw them out.

My buddy said that after I told him, that while browsing his kitchen at night and discovering he had Oreo's, I decided to eat some, to my regret they where as close to stale as something could be before disintegrating.  I didn't throw them out, as I was unsure if it was an experiment.

I find that funny.  In such a short sentence it describes our relationship.  We truly discuss absolutely useless things, with no merit or value.  Occasionally we will strive to discuss something of value, but then we realize who we are, and continue on.  But even when I advise him of something, potentially bad in his house, instead of fixing it.  He tells me to throw it out next time I'm in the area of his kitchen.

This is what being friends with him is like, I understand it no other way.

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