It's funny

john | Feb. 5, 2021, 5:25 a.m.

how absurd the world really is.  Not because anything is actually rational, but because everything is reasonable.  Take for example the actual threat that one day a meteor bigger than the size of a bus, could fly and hit us.

It would be large enough to actually destroy the world, or cause it some serious damage.  Instead we scawble over nonsense.  It's rather amusing that the greatest form of barter that was ever discovered was currency.

Instead of some one having to decided what it took the person to raise grow feed slaughter a chicken, they put a price on it, people agreed that what ever they gave up to acquire that amount of currency was a fair trade.

I'm unsure I could think of a better way, that is until resources get to be unlimited, which could happen if there is a form of energy developed cheaply enough in parallel to battery technology advancing to be able to support the now almost abundant amount of energy.

Although we are far from anything relevant to that, the threat of a meteor still exists.  Like our dinosaur friends, we also suffer a pretty large probability.

Now is this all doom and gloom? Probably, but I'm not one to believe it.  I have no choice either way.  I'm either going to be walking along one day and see a giant meteor coming my way, or I'm not.

The only way of knowing is living long enough to say you're right.  Which is about fifty million years.  So what's being done about this massive problem.  Well apparently there is something of a operation checking for NEO's (Near earth objects) but that when established was to get to 90% coverage of potential NEO's that could do some damage.

Imagine an elevator that had only a 90% chance of stopping.  Feels reassuring.  And that's only one country. 

Then again we also have other problems going on that are probably more pressing.  But there are only so many problems a man can solve in his life.  Or even cares to.  Unfortunately I'm not yet the man to solve this problem of the missing ten percent.  I'm simply the man that feels the need to let my fear of meteors, be expressed as eloquently as possible.

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