Hail force rains

john | Nov. 2, 2022, 6:22 p.m.

They fly sideways at times.  Pelting you as you try and get a glimpse of oncoming traffic.  Not that it matters what way you look first, because it could be coming from either.  As you glimpse at to the dog, he looks at you, drenched in water.  You both sit for a moment and wonder who is going to take the lead. 

Neither of you do, as a gust of water rain pushes both of you away from the shaky footing you where standing on to being with.  The unimaginable happens.  You slip and step in a puddle of water.

The sandal gets soaked.  Before it was still half buoyant, now it sinks.  The water crawls its way up your leg and title waves to the dog.  The dog saw all this happen, he then looks at you again, and this time decides this is the spot he is going to take a poop.

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