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john | Feb. 27, 2023, 3:02 p.m. Uncategorized

February, the short month.  The end dawns upon us soon, so soon in fact, that it will be tomorrow.  Then, the next month starts.  This has not always been the case.  There use to be a time when no one had named the months.  At that time, I think people probably communicated differently.  Probably with grunts and hand gestures.

I guess nothing really has changed, other than we finally found a way to make bird noises understandable.  Or simply put, use of words.

These words of course where able to do all sorts of things, I think generally though they existed only for one reason.  To woo women.  Perhaps communicate with each other, but I feel that it was large in part to woo women.

Granted I don't know any of this, I was not there, nor have I invited time travel.  And historians or archeologists probably spent a significant amount of time disproving my musings in the past before I even came up with this theory.

I could just go read a history book to squash the curiosity.  But why? That would take away the fun of the musing.  It's not like it is statistically significant if in fact words where invited to woo women or not.  In fact, I can't see this having any significance on anything.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong and words where invited to communicate with the purpose of wooing women.  Yeah, that seems better.  Yes, this feels slightly more right, maybe even something as far fetched as to advance the arts and sciences.  Progress science by expanding on the scientific method.  Be able to reference the progress.  Write down or speak of the discoveries. 

Na, why would something exist for that?  That seems dumb.  It's definitely to woo women.  Then again, women don't like a chatty man... so maybe it is for science.

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