The days

john | March 8, 2021, 2:23 a.m.

They etch on.  One pencil drawing at a time.  Not mine, at least yet.  Instead they are the result of spacetime.  That reality we live in.  In a sense you can choose each reality, it's as if you sense them. 

Each moment you feel time ticking.  Most people probably aren't even aware that it's going by.  You have to be doing something painstakingly excruciating to truly understand the relatively of time.

It's also why some moments in time feel like they last a lifetime.  There of course is the actual biological aspect of it too.  A person who is twenty compared to some one who is thirty five, each experience that happens to the person who is twenty is significantly more impactful to their psyche, as it is a larger part of their life in proportion to time they have spent living.

Consequently the thirty five year old person is affected relatively less by the experience, but takes longer to recuperate.  So an older person by just the aspect of time is in theory less able to be affected by psychological events the older they get in life. Unless the event is brutal, in which case the youth although one twentieth of their time, each passing year the event seems not as intense, but an older person it may.

But this is only puffing smoke in the general direction of science.

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