The blessed halberd of vanquishing

john | May 20, 2021, 11:05 p.m.

That was the ultimate weapon.  You could come out of the healer, weapon in hand, ready to battle, but ready to battle, with a weapon that could kill them in one hit, if they had any damage.  It was sick.

I almost want to say I miss Ultima Online, but I don't.  A few of my friends kept playing after I left it.  Some even hosted their own server leaving it how they thought it was suppose to be.

Although it was truly a fun time, the memories of my friends and me in a LAN room.  All playing simultaneous.  It was a blast.  The game was also probably one of the greatest distractions of any of my teenage problems during that time.

One of my friends said that we played that game for so long, that by the time I ended up with the blessed halberd, after getting it as a gift by a guy who was retiring from the game, that we where masters of the universe.

I don't remember specifically if he even asked for anything for the weapon, or if we just rolled for so long with him and slayed so many opposing factions, that he felt it right.  But holy cow, was that thing fun.

I didn't realize at that time how awesome that weapon was.  Or how he must of even gotten it, for me to end up with it.  You could never lose it.  I also ended up finding one day, a pair of blessed black sandals.  Not sure why I had an affliction to those either, but man did they look cool on the character.

That was the peak for me.  The game would soon start trying to accommodate new players, in a sense, taking away the player vs player fighting.  The game was no longer fun for me at that point.

So it goes.

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